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Inkpressed is a small print and bookbinding shop located in Sonoma, CA.

We specialize in letterpress products and handcrafted organizing and photo boxes. We carefully choose fine and imported bookcloth for our boxes. We print by hand in our Vandercook press, and Chandler and Price press for short run jobs. We also have a Heidelberg Windmill Press that helps us with larger printing projects.


Our boxes are handcrafted using fine and imported bookcloth. Not two boxes look the same, but we carefully choose the materials to make sure they are high quality and durable. 


Letterpress is a handmade process, therefore, no two items look exactly alike or are perfect. All items are printed with hand-mixed inks. There will be minor differences in color, etc. due to each device's screen and photography.


Our items are handmade with love and care... and we love the beauty of their imperfection. We hope you do, too!

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